The statistics held by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state that roughly 6 million traffic accidents occur each year and over 90 traffic related fatalities occur each day. If you have been injured in a traffic accident or someone you love has been killed or injured, you will need the representation of an experienced personal injury lawyer to obtain the full compensation you deserve.

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The Car Accident King (Arin Khodaverdian) has experience in representing the victims of thousands of car accidents in California and recovered over $100 million in compensation. If you have been involved in a car accident that resulted in injury or death, call 818-960-1707 and schedule a FREE consultation with The Car Accident King directly now. Arin is a knowledgeable and compassionate car accident attorney as well as the owner of Alpine Law Group’s many personal injury firms around Southern California. 

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Getting in contact with a qualified Southern California car accident lawyer is an important step for those serious about getting the compensation they deserve. At the law offices of the Car Accident King we will take the time to examine your case from a legal perspective and walk you through the complexities of personal law. Unlike the insurance agencies, who will do all they can to avoid making payouts and protect their interests, we have your interests at heart.  

It is important to remember that the injuries sustained in a car accident are not always fully clear or understood until the days that follow. Insurance adjusters will take advantage of this and try to press victims of car accidents into accepting a low-ball settlement. But this offer is often far below the value of your full compensation and can leave you with hefty medical expenses on your hands. The Car Accident King will calculate the full extent of your injuries and damages and ensure your case is given the full respect it deserves.   

There is a time limit for filing your claim called the “statute of limitations”. In California, the statute of limitations is two years for car accident cases. However, if you were injured by a government agency, for example a police officer, you will only have six months to file your lawsuit. To ensure that all time constraints are properly observed and your case is filed in time, contact the Car Accident King directly at 818-960-1707

Who Is Liable After A Car Accident? 

In some car accidents, only one of the drivers is at fault. The insurance company for the at-fault party will be responsible for paying for the injuries and damages sustained by the other driver. But most accidents are not the fault of a single driver and both drivers had a role to play in the accident that occurred. The details are important when deciding who is truly to blame for the events that led up to an accident. For example, if the victim had been driving a couple of miles above the speed limit at the time of the accident, they may be assigned a portion of the blame. 

This is called the concept of “modified-comparative negligence.” In this situation the courts will assign a percentage of responsibility to the drivers responsible for the accident and the compensation available will reflect their percentage of responsibility. For example, if the claimant was assigned 20% of the responsibility in a case that is worth $20,000, they will only be eligible to receive 80% of the compensation or $16,000.  

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If you have suffered from the negligence of another person, you should not have to face the financial burden of recovery. The highly experienced Car Accident King is here to help victims of car accidents receive the legal aid they need to secure the compensation due. In the wake of a car accident it can be very difficult to make clear decisions that protect your interests in the short and long term. It is important that you apply your mind and energy to making a recovery. Allow the skilled Car Accident King to represent your interests and handle the legal complexities involved in personal injury law.  

And don’t worry about the costs of retaining professional legal aid. We operate under a contingency fee basis, this means we will not charge you anything upfront for your initial consultation, our legal services and the considerable resources we will invest into building a strong case. Our payment is contingent on us winning your case. If we are unable to secure your compensation, you do not owe us a thing.

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